Pimple Gel Buy 1 Get 1


Pimple emergency? No need to panic. A dot of everyone’s favorite Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel is all you need to stop that pimple.

Size: 10mL

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Why it’s BELOved:

    • Dries up pimples fast
    • Calms inflammation while promoting wound-healing & anti-bacterial action
    • Lightens blemishes that pimples leave behind
    • Active ingredient is Purified Bee Venom, which is clinically-proven to treat mild to moderate acne and reduce skin inflammation
    • Safe for sensitive skin. Cruelty-free. Oil-free. Fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic. Hypoallergenic. 

Good to know

Many happy customers online hailed Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel as a “miracle gel”, because it flattened their pimples in as fast as 2 days! Search online and see the positive  reviews for yourself.

Pro Tip

Clear skin is always in. For best results, use Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel with Belo AcnePro Treatment Toner.


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