Collagen Vanilla Smoothie 50% off


Introducing a NEW and refreshing way to refresh your skin – Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie!

Quantity: 10 sachets

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Why it’s BELOved:

  • Infused with HIGH-ABSORPTION PREMIUM COLLAGEN (5000 MG / SACHET) from Japan that replenishes lost collagen as you age
  • In a luscious Vanilla flavor that tastes like ice cream, it can double as dessert
  • With an advanced anti-aging formula that decreases fine lines and wrinkles and restores skin elasticity and suppleness
  • Makes hair thicker and nails stronger
  • In a fast-dissolving powder formula
  • Each box contains 10 pieces of 16-gram sachets

Additional information

Weight .10 kg

Good to know

As we age, our bodies produce less amounts of collagen. At age 20, we have 20% less collagen; at 40, 40% less; and at 50, our body’s collagen supply is tapered off by half. Since collagen is responsible in keeping our skin firm, we need to supplement with collagen as we grow older.

Pro Tip

Achieve glowing, youthful skin with Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie. For best results, take it with Belo Nutra Glutathione+Collagen Capsules daily.


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